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📎Getting that office & clerical stuff done for #Independent Contractors

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“Back Pocket Office Membership“ affords Independent Contractors an alternative solution; for getting their office & clerical stuff done! 

  • $7.99 per month membership

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Affords our members, to focus on core aspects of conducting business as an independent contractor...

| Our Mission

Back Pocket Office we’re committed to make contracting work easier for our members!

| Our Vision

Is to make Back Pocket Office affordable -  To every Independent Contractor everyday!

📎Getting that office & clerical stuff done


#Independent Contractors™ 

There are an estimated 4 million+ independent contractors an growing in the USA.  Back Pocket Office membership services we are committed to; independent contractors business office solutions.

Back Pocket Office Membership 


  • We believe you will find many benefits of being a member of Back Pocket Office. 
  • Our goal is to ensure that all of your back office service needs are met.
  • Back Pocket Office will work hard to serve our members; with affordable monthly memberships.
  • Back Pocket Office Works “On The Go” by providing our members; a management of administrative office supportive solutions on the go!
  • Back Pocket Office Membership we are committed to providing; an on-line alternative-back office when working “on the go” specifically, for contractors & small business.
  • Focusing on alternative office solutions; when working in the field or traveling to a job site.

 Back Pocket Office Membership

The Solution in Contractors being more Productive!

Our Focus: To provide on-line back office” Clerical business services; Providing, On-line Office support services for businesses.  Back Pocket Office, getting that clerical an office stuff done; for independent contractors who need outsourcing office-clerical business services.

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