Back Pocket Office™️ | Business Services | #For independent contractors who need their office stuff done!

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Back Pocket Office ™️

📎Getting that office & clerical stuff done for #Independent Contractors

Back Pocket Office ™️

📎Getting that office & clerical stuff done for #Independent Contractors



Our Goal:

Is to make Back Pocket Office affordable 

To every Independent Contractor every day! 

“ Back Pocket Office”  we’re committed to making contracting work easier for our members period!

📎What’s it called, getting that office stuff done! 

It’s called “Back Pocket Office Membership”

Specifically, for Contractor’s

Office & Clerical 

Supportive Business Services



A la carte Invoicing & Billing  

Simplicity & Affordability  


Back Pocket Office Membership 

📎Getting that office & clerical stuff done!™


(membership required)

“Use it  everyday, daily, monthly” 


simply... when you need it! 

Back Pocket Office Membership when your “in the field or wherever you are.”  (USA) 🇺🇸 

| Back Pocket Office |

Absolutely, an alternative office solution!

-Our members- 

| Independent Contractor’s |

Who represent a segment market with which; a

physical office is unnecessary an not the norm for our members.  

| Back Pocket Office | 


1099|Contractors | Back Office Services 

When working “On The Go“ 🇺🇸 

“Independent Contractors” It’s your time to join us!


•30 Day Trial Membership•

Invoicing for just $5.00 monthly (Membership required) Contractors, we invoice your customers for you! After the trial period you have the option to cancel; or thereafter auto/pay begins at $5.00 per month.